Q&A with Dr. Brandi, Founder of the Millennial Leadership Philly Power 100 Summit

Don’t miss this exciting event on April 21, 2017

There’s an exciting conference coming to Philadelphia this April, and it’s specifically for Millennials! The Millennial Leadership Philly Power 100 Summit is all about investing in the city’s top Millennial talent. It’s a one-day career transformation event on April 21, 2017 that helps millennial leaders address the critical challenges stifling their professional and personal growth.

The conference organizer, Brandi Baldwin-Rana, PhD (Dr. Brandi), is the founder of Millennial Ventures Holding Company, which operates a suite of brands in the HR and workforce development space. A former college professor and career coach, Dr. Brandi is laser-focused on making the world better one leader at a time. She is also a member of Mayor Jim Kenney’s 2017 Millennial Advisory Committee and the author of, “Put in Work: Gain Respect, Influence Others, and Get Results as a New Leader.” She’s a powerful force in the community, and we are so excited she’s put together this conference!

Tickets are available here until April 1: http://www.millennialleadershipphilly.com/

Because the nature of the event fits so closely with our goals in writing Millennial Reboot, we made the decision to support the conference as a partner – which means some attendees will receive a signed copy of the book! This also gave me the chance to connect with Dr. Brandi and learn more about her goals for the event and Millennials in Philly.

Below are some of Dr. Brandi’s inspiring answers:

Q: What inspired you to create this event?
A: Last year, my organizational development firm received an influx of requests from companies who needed professional development and employee engagement programs for their millennial employees. We kept hearing the same frustration from company leaders, “we need resources to develop our millennial workforce.” This one-day event is just a start for what we can do to help millennial leaders take their careers to the next level.

Q: What makes Philly a perfect location for this event?
A: Philadelphia has one of the largest populations of millennials in the U.S. That said, Philadelphia has not yet realized its full potential in providing a range of career development resources for young professionals and emerging leaders. Philadelphia is unique in that it is a “college town”. I believe an event like this is also a resource for many of the young alumni who attended college in or around the city.

Q: What part of the event are you most excited about?
A: I’m really excited about the masterclass sessions! We tried really hard to design a unique experience that creates opportunities for attendees to interact and be a part of the learning. We don’t want people to be able to hide in the back of the room. With over 20 masterclass facilitators, I’m looking forward to seeing attendees receive major breakthroughs in their careers.

Q: In working with Millennials, what do you see as some of their biggest strengths?
A: Millennials are ready to take on the world! They will buck tradition, go against the grain, and reject the status quo. I love that about them. They help others see new ways of doing and being.

Q: What about challenges and opportunities to grow?
A: One challenge that directly impacts the careers of millennials is their lack of formal experience working in the business world. My hope, is that we can use this program and other resources to close that gap, so that millennials can hone their innovative energy, while successfully navigating the more traditional business structures of the world.

Q: What are some of your favorite resources for Millennials (outside this conference)?
A: I love MCON! It’s a millennial conference focused on making the world a better place (www.MCON.com).

Q: If I attend, what resources are available to me after the event ends?
A: We’ve built relationships with many partners, organizations, and companies who are committed to seeing millennials thrive in their careers. Throughout the year, we will be offering additional workshops, pop-up career coaching, and mentoring for millennials who want to take a deep dive into taking their career to the next level.

Q: If someone cannot make this year’s event, but would still like to stay up to date with Millennial-focused development, how do they do that?
A: We’ll be launching a resource portal this summer, so anyone who is interested in signing up can visit www.millennialengagement.com for more details!

If this conference sounds interesting to you, be sure to get your tickets ASAP! Ticket sales close on April 1st, 2017. Pro tip: there’s even a “convince your boss” template on the site to help you get your company to cover the costs! What are you waiting for?