In our book, Millennial Reboot, we talk a lot about using the method of communication preferred by the person you are trying to reach in order to maximize your likelihood of reaching them.

Shortly after the 2016 elections, I came across a piece by Tricia Tongco (@TRICIATONGCO) that offers a great example of a scenario where this is really important. Tricia’s piece, “How to Make Your Congressman Listen to You” compiles a string of viral tweets written by Emily Ellsworth (@editoremilye), a former Congressional staff member.

In her tweets Emily explains how communication is processed by staffers in the office of a congressman, noting that social media and emails are mostly ineffective because they are easiest to ignore, or handle with automation software. Letters were slightly better, but still too many to possibly read and respond to them all. The best method, Emily explained, was to actually call the local office. Staffers will hear you out if you pick up the phone, and that’s the communication most likely to actually make it to your representative. She also pointed out that building relationships and networking with the Staffers is another good practice if you want your voice heard (much like any other real-life scenario, the relationships matter!).

Check out the entire piece by Tricia here.