What’s one thing that most successful business people have in common?

Working out.

If you talk to enough successful people, you will see a theme that making time for physical fitness is a priority.

This post isn’t going to go into the benefits of working out, you likely already know hitting the gym will control your weight, fight diseases, and just flat-out make you smarter. So why isn’t it easier to get in the habit?

For some people, their workout schedule feels automatic. For others, and probably most us, are constantly trying to get off the struggle bus in the morning, or after work, to talk yourself into the gym.

It’s a not easy, for sure, though putting the correct systems in place can have a major effect on whether you’ll be hitting the snooze button or hitting the gym tomorrow morning.

Here are three quick ways to get yourself in gear for a regular workout schedule:

1. Find an “Accountabilibuddy”
A friend, co-worker, or even a newly found acquaintance can make for a great accountibilabuddy. Being committed to meet another person makes it much easier to act responsibly and not hit the snooze button or blow off your workout at the end of a day.

Unless you’re a jerk who leaves people out in the cold waiting for you.. and if you are, there are bigger issues, not solved by this blog.

If your office policies allow, working out around lunch can also be a great option.C

2. Challenge yourself
5k to ultra-marathons, Fitbits to Apple Watches, there are plenty of ways to challenge and gamify your workouts with a goal. If you commit your time and money to sign up for a 5k (or longer) you’re more likely to stick to a regular schedule to get race ready.

If races aren’t your thing, there are thousands of free or paid fitness websites, videos, or apps that can challenge you with built in motivational tools.

What challenges everyone is a bit different, I use an Apple Watch as a fitness tracker (any tracker would work) and like to enter a few long-distance races a year to make a monthly calendar to prepare.

3. Entertain yourself with things you like to do
For indoor workouts, most gyms now have Wi-Fi to bring along your favorite entertainment (or download content before you go). Your tablet or phone have almost endless amounts of entertainment available whether it’s binge watching a show, movies, or even a casual game you recently picked up.

Stationery bikes and elliptical machines can be a great way to your guilty pleasure TV series into burning hundreds of calories per hour.

Do you have a system that works for you? Please share. Tweet @rebootbook or email rob@millennialreboot.com.