4 Reasons Millennials Can Strengthen Your Business

As companies focus on strengthening their brand and improving their operations, the tendency is often to focus on the senior leadership for ideas, direction, and accountability. But Millennials, most of whom have not yet obtained a senior position, could also have a lot to contribute. Here are just four of the ways we’ve seen Millennials bring value to progressive organizations.

We are naturally skeptical and want “proof”.

Advertising is no longer accepted as a reliable indicator of what a brand stands for. The constant, global connection provided by the internet provides both transparency and accountability and puts more power into the hands of the consumer than ever before. This is pushing brands to actually pay attention to customer needs and expectations, and become human again. Since most Millennials have yet to spend time in a corner office, siloed away from the front lines, they could have a better grasp on just what the customers actually care about. Millennials know how to navigate social channels and get real-time feedback, instead of relying on questionably-diverse research groups. As brands are forced to become more authentic, Millennials can be a valuable asset to lead the way.

Technology is part of everything we do.

We grew up with the internet, and fiddling with technology is a hobby for us, much like “working on cars” was a hobby for our dads or “making interesting jello salads” was an interesting hobby for our aunts. This means we not only understand the technology, but we get satisfaction out of working with it.

Which in turn leads to faster improvements and advances. And since 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is now done digitally (SiriusDecisions) and 87% of consumers do online research before setting foot in a store, making these improvements rapidly to satisfy customers is more critical than ever.

We value flexibility and work-life balance more than “the corner office”

As the corporate workforce becomes more and more diversified, things like having the flexibility to travel for an extended time, or go to a workout class during lunch, or take your kid to a dentist appointment at 3pm all become more important. Take Millennials’ comfort with technology, add the fact that status symbols like the corner office aren’t as relevant to our generation, and this gives companies an opportunity to secure talent they might not previously have had access to due to location or salary reasons. It also expands the talent pool to include people who’ve taken non-traditional paths and can bring a fresh, creative perspective. We are ready to do our work from anywhere – and you won’t have to buy us a fancy leather chair to do it.

We are all about efficiency.

We grew up with Facebook and Amazon, and therefore we expect seamless, frictionless experiences from our tech. This gets us labeled as “entitled” or “lazy” because we refuse to do manual processes that seem backward and pointless. But refusing to settle for inefficient processes is nothing new – it’s what inspired most important innovations throughout history. Admittedly, we aren’t so great at communicating in this area, which contributes to more friction than necessary as we try to force change rather than orchestrate it. I’ve never heard a business trying to be less efficient though, so find ways to let your Millennials help.

What other ways can Millennials strengthen your organization?